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Join the party!!

Conveniently located in the heart of Sturgis Main at

1030 Main St. Sturgis SD 57785 

Join the party!!

NO, we dont have a dress code. 

At the Dungeon, rally gear is not only welcome...  It's preferred!


We also mean the new 2020 Official Dungeon Bar shirt!

Check out this years design. It will rock your skulls off. 

Don't forget your shirt!

Become part of the history!

Join in the lasting tradition and leave something behind.

Your bra, panties, a signature or autographed mula. We aren't picky. Staple it to the walls, ceiling, floor... whereever you can find room. Then come back next year, and find a piece of you that has become part of the Dungeon Bar. Ask the Bartenders for sharpies and "The Staple Gun". Careful, these chicks know how to use them bad boys! 

Check out items left by other Dungeon Bar goers! 

click here!


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